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Coming from a wine Family in Bordeaux, with a passionate Spanish Father, I have always been dedicated to the beauty and the mystery of wine. After moving around the world - and drinking lots of different wines-, I arrived in London, the centre of international wines, and it seemed the right time to start to dedicate myself to sharing my passion with others.

« I went to the WSET - Wine and Spirit Education Trust - where I started to gain an academic knowledge. I successfully (and painfully, dare I say it!) passed my Diploma, the qualification before Masters of Wine. But I needed more, so I created my own tasting group and arranged a series of tours to many different wine areas. Wine lovers always share a common language but their taste are so different that whether you are a professional taster, an amateur or a beginner, there is always something to share and learn.

I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing my wine passion with you! »